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Mandatory formalities for companies collecting and processing personal data by automated means

Updated: May 6


 Are you a company manager in the Principality of Monaco who wishes to collect and use personal information by automated processing? You are therefore obliged to make a declaration, failing which you will be penalised.


Who is concerned?


All Monegasque commercial companies that collect and use personal information by means of automated processing (computerised or electronic). For example:


•               Customer and prospect management

•               Website

•               AML/CFT verification

•               Administrative management of personnel

•               Business email

•               Video surveillance and security system


What is nominative information?


Any information that directly or indirectly identifies a person. For example:


•               Identification number

•               Social security number

•               Full name

•               Postal address

•               Telephone number

•               Business email address

•               Vehicle registration number


How do I complete the formalities?


With the CCIN (Commission for the Control of Nominative Information), which makes four declaration forms available on its website:

                  1- The application for authorisation


Processing of data relating to suspected illegal activities, offences and biometric data required to check a person's identity. Examples:


•               AML/CFT verification

•               Video surveillance system

•               Biometric access control


                  2- The request for an opinion:


This procedure is a very exceptional measure for the Monegasque State and public service concessionaires. Examples:


•               Labour Department

•               National Education

•               Monaco Telecom

•               SMA

•               SMEG

                  3- The simplified declaration:


Processing compliant with the relevant Ministerial Order and clearly does not infringe the rights and freedoms of individuals. Examples:


•               Administrative management of personnel

•               Customer and prospect management

•               Supplier management

•               Management of fixed and mobile telephony


                  4- The ordinary declaration:

Processing that exceeds the framework set by Ministerial Order or where there is no Ministerial Order. Examples:


•               Operation of a website

•               Use of a professional email service without surveillance


We will be pleased to help you with these formalities. Contact us by email to receive our proposal as soon as possible. 


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