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360° expertise at the service of your assets and your family



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A single point of contact at your disposal, accompanied by a multidisciplinary team at your service:


Our Multi Family Office is made up of a group of multi-disciplinary experts capable of identifying, advising and responding to the problems faced by families in holding and passing on their assets in an international context.


This comprehensive, cross-functional support enables us to advise and assist families in the anticipation and day-to-day governance of their legal entities and the monitoring of their assets throughout the world from our base in the Principality of Monaco.


Our Approach is based on two pillars:

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The Asset


in charge of structuring and securing assets and supporting their development

  • Gathering information on the family's needs and wishes (change of residence, transfer of family group, marriage, inheritance during lifetime, birth, acquisition, etc.)

  • Drawing up a wealth audit (household situation, place of residence for administrative and tax purposes, situation of personal assets held: property, art, valuables and finally the situation of professional assets held) and highlight the resulting impacts.

  • Suggesting restructuring options that meet the family's wishes, while anticipating the impact on the estate.

  • Suggesting ways of diversifying your assets according to the composition of your assets and your wishes.

  • ​​Identifying investments in line with the defined strategy (property, furniture, etc.)

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The Asset Coordinator

Responsible for implementing the Engineer's solutions, coordinating all the players involved and supporting the family in the day-to-day management of its affairs

  • Implementing solutions in coordination with the professionals involved

  • Monitoring and organising the day-to-day administrative and financial management of your assets

  • Rationalising costs (insurance, contracts, service providers) and Consolidating assets

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