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Audit & Wealth

  • Wealth audit and (re)structuring areas:
    Would you like to take stock of your overall wealth situation and put in place a strategy to help you make the right decisions?   The audit is the key stage in a wealth strategy, enabling us to identify, measure and value the nature of your assets and the issues surrounding their ownership and transfer.   Prior to any restructuring proposal, we will carry out a comprehensive personal and professional wealth audit, which will serve as the basis for all the tasks arising from your objectives: Study of the civil, tax and inheritance impacts of your situation on all your assets, and research into the various restructuring options that will enable you to make decisions on the various issues, and on how to hold and pass on your assets;   Analysis of your current personal and professional situation by providing all the documents and information needed to carry out this assignment;   Identification and determination of your family map Set up your wealth map by holding pattern, by type of asset, by place of holding, by liabilities (determine the amount of your debts to date); Valuation of your assets to date;   Assessment of the tax impact of holding your assets and in the event of your death;   Analysis of existing insurance clauses and assessment of the protection of beneficiaries to date in the event of premature death and/or incapacity;   Analysis of existing insurance policies and assessment of the level of protection afforded to the executive with regard to their heirs, partners and/or companies in the event of pre-death and/or incapacity; Highlighting of all the issues and risks identified in your current structure. Would you like support in restructuring your current assets? In the light of the above and on the basis of the wealth audit carried out beforehand, our assignment will consist of: Suggesting areas for improvement to ensure optimal asset restructuring; Presenting the legal, tax and inheritance consequences of each of these optimal solutions.
  • Asset management advice
    Over the course of a lifetime, families and assets may evolve and objectives change (marriage, birth, death, transfer of residence, property acquisition). At every stage, we provide advice and support in line with your wishes and objectives, depending on the composition of your family, the nature of your assets and the countries concerned:   Study of the civil and tax implications of a change in family situation;   Advice and assistance in choosing a matrimonial regime and in revising civil contracts (pre-nuptial, marriage, civil partnership);   Anticipation of consequences and support in the context of a change of regime, separation or divorce procedures;   Study of the civil and tax impact of a change of tax residence from/to Monaco and/or from/to abroad and cross-border tax issues;   Study of the civil and tax implications of holding your assets, whether or not you are resident in the Principality of Monaco;   Advice and support in structuring the acquisition of a property and studying the tax implications of owning and operating it, and in the event of its sale or transfer;   Study of the impact of the acquisition and/or disposal of a real estate or movable asset;   Advice and assistance with decisions and procedures for gifts and transfers of assets during life or upon death; Assistance in setting up family governance; Administration and management of day-to-day family affairs and all formalities relating to its change of residence.  
  • Advice on business assets
    Do you want to set up your company in the Principality of Monaco or abroad? Do you need to restructure your business assets? We analyse the impact of your projects (tax, legal, financial) and help you secure them:   Study of the impact of relocating your company or setting up in Monaco and/or internationally; Assistance with the incorporation, administration and domiciliation of companies in the Principality of Monaco and/or abroad; Advice and assistance in (re)structuring your national and international company/group (share deal, asset deal); Advice and support for the sale and/or takeover of a business (support with due diligence, preparation of all contractual documents, letter of intent, confidentiality agreement, M.O.U., drafting and signing of the contract, assistance with implementation). ;   Review of all company documents (articles of association, shareholders' agreements) and contracts; Analysis of contracts and (re)structuring of governance;   Support and protection for company directors and their dependants (social security, prevention and protection); Assistance in protecting trademarks and concepts in intellectual property matters (trademark registration, protection); Support for regulatory compliance, protection of personal data (CCIN/GDRP), anti-money laundering (SICCFIN, TRACFIN) and exchanges with the relevant authorities; Assistance in negotiating, setting up and monitoring compulsory and recommended insurance policies; Assistance with all compulsory formalities and/or any amending formalities during the life of the company; Support for all necessary professionals, administrations and regulators;
  • Advice and implementation of a philanthropic and impact strategy
    Advice and implementation of the philanthropic and/or impact strategy, from all legal, tax, regulatory and financial angles;              Coordination support for charities;   Assistance in setting up, administering and monitoring philanthropic trusts and foundations, in coordination with the professionals involved, in the Principality of Monaco and other jurisdictions;




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